Types of Leadership: Autocratic

Photo Credit: Stanley Watt
Photo Credit: Stanley Watt

An autocratic style of leadership is an environment where managers make decisions without the input of others. The “autocrat” makes all of the decisions based on his or own desires or knowledge about the topic at hand, and does not allow for any collaboration or input on any of the projects that may be going on.


There are not many benefits to this style of leadership, as we may see from history and governments that have adopted it, so I would be hard pressed to suggest that you should adopt it for your own projects. However, one benefit of this style of leadership is that it often creates more productivity in those team members that require closer supervision and don’t have a lot of new ideas and suggestions to add to the mix anyway.


While there are many disadvantages to this style of leadership, one big one is that creative employees or members of the team detest this type of leadership. It is very beneficial and important to nurture creative member of a team. While the leader spearheads the project at hand and often has the clearest picture of the direction that the project needs to move in, the team members have valuable insight about the project that may not be able to be seen from a leader’s point of view. These creative people are important for the success of the project, and nurturing them is also important, which is where the autocratic style of leadership is lacking.


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